Tornado gr4 67% entering cad west

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  1. shawnte Pitts 9 Jan 2017 Reply


  2. Niiiiice

  3. Jack Ferris 9 Jan 2017 Reply

    Cool breeze

  4. Kevin Lam 9 Jan 2017 Reply

    Looks like this photo was taken in the Scottish Highlands. I've seen a few Tornadoes flyby when I was younger.

  5. F. M.V. 13 Jan 2017 Reply

    Good Picture. Ugly jet plane.

  6. Barney Grubl 15 Jan 2017 Reply

    If that's ugly? It's my kind of ugly! You obviously have never been pinned down by enemy fire and had this ugly show up and save your a$$.

  7. F. M.V. 15 Jan 2017 Reply

    Yes. Never. ….!!!

  8. Saurabh Patel 20 Jan 2017 Reply


  9. Filip Joaca 6 Feb 2017 Reply

    We are going to a war OMFG i like this jet fighter

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