This Plane Will Get You From New York To London In Just 11 Minutes

06 Apr 2016 admin In G+ Posts

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  1. And to the scene of a crash even faster. Good luck with all that,
    It's a big bang theory,
    Don't worry about it.
    Got Jesus?

  2. Brent Burzycki 6 Apr 2016 Reply

    My stomach would still be in NY

  3. dv/dt would kill everybody in that thing…

  4. Tundi Kupas 6 Apr 2016 Reply

    That's crazy fast. Unbelievable.

  5. Danny Quizon 6 Apr 2016 Reply

    11 minutes? No restrooms necessary… unless someone needs to barf! 😛

  6. Dave Chan 6 Apr 2016 Reply

    hey, 11mins in plane, 2hrs waiting for boarding n landing. :P

  7. G Wales 6 Apr 2016 Reply

    Any point sitting down just to get back up again in a short flight pity it wasn't Australia thou that would make a difference, like the idea good thanks

  8. 11 minutes? That means …. a very quick milehigh intercourse ; 0

  9. À flying pencil!

  10. Dipu Chako 6 Apr 2016 Reply

    +Brent Burzycki​ isn't it a hypersonic ac?

  11. Bello come stile. Grazie Brent. Buona giornata 🌹

  12. It doesn't give the terrorists much time to turn it into another flying missile.
    But from knowing them through their past actions and the ineptitude of blind governments governing only through political correctness, such as the blind eyes being turned in the continued atrocities committed by Saudi Arabia on it's citizens by yet another set of filthy and bloodied soiled crowns. They will probably make due.

  13. Donn Jones 6 Apr 2016 Reply

    Mmmm I'm not sure about this

  14. Gervase Soctor 6 Apr 2016 Reply

    At a speed like that, that would be a hyper-jet.

  15. At this incredible speed, it will take longer to get on and off the plane (it looks like a falcon, sharp) than to our destination or to get snacks and soda…. wow!!!!

  16. David Cheng 6 Apr 2016 Reply


  17. +David Cheng grazie. Buon giorno. Piace anche a te.🌟

  18. Cybele Sandell 7 Apr 2016 Reply

    Wait guys, is this for real? Cause I would totally love to flying in this to go to New York!!!

  19. xKINGx ZERØx 8 Apr 2016 Reply

    One problem it's practically a misssle from how fast it can go if someone decided to take it into the new World Trade Center 😬😬😬

  20. Awesome!!! I'll like to fly this….

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