This might be helpful to those buying photographers gifts this Holiday…

23 Nov 2011 admin In G+ Posts
This might be helpful to those buying photographers gifts this Holiday…


Where does this data come from?

Almost all lens data come directly from the lens manufacturers' websites. Lens specifications change from time to time and some may have been recorded poorly, so please advise all data is provided "as is" – what's stated on the retailer's website is what applies. If you see an error then please help us by reporting it to

How accurate are your prices?

Most prices are fetched from – for items where Amazon and the lens manufacturer doesn't allow us to display the price, the latest available price is shown instead. For this reason the only way to get a 100% accurate price for the lens is to check the retailer's price.

How does this differ from just searching at Amazon?

On Amazon you have a very narrow set of filtering options. E.g. you can't get something as simple as a list all macro lenses that fit on a, say, Nikon camera, you can only get a list of lenses made by Nikon (thereby not showing other compatible lenses from manufacturers such as Sigma and Tokina).

How does this differ from using a lens database like DPReview?

At first eyesight the DPReview Lens Database might look identical to Lens Hawk, but there are some crucial differences.

On Lens Hawk you get a list where you can see all available lens specifications such as focal length, max. and min. aperture, lens mount, angle of view. And you can also sort the list on these parameters.

Another difference is the instant updating search results as well as the possibility to simply type the name of your camera and then get a list of all compatible lenses.



Lens Hawk allows you to quickly get an overview of what lenses match your needs and your DSLR camera. You can set up a filter and the tool will update the matching lenses live. Your matching lenses can then be sorted by the criteria you find most important (price, aperture, focal length, etc.).


We created this tool because we wanted:

a simple way to find our next DSLR lens,
multiple filtering and sorting criteria, and
instant search results.

Lens Hawk is developed by Christian Holst and Jamie Appleseed. You can read our blog on web usability at Baymard Institute:


We would love to hear your feedback – positive, negative, suggestions – you can send an email to

If you like Lens Hawk then your friends might as also enjoy it – help everyone out by simply Like'ing us at Facebook or Tweet about Lens Hawk.

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Lens Hawk: Find your next DSLR lens
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  1. Serge Yurovsky 23 Nov 2011 Reply

    Though +Brent Burzycki, I am skipping gear from my Christmas list for now. I am asking Santa for this:

  2. Brent Burzycki 23 Nov 2011 Reply

    Wow 300 bucks…….

  3. Serge Yurovsky 23 Nov 2011 Reply

    yep. Seems to be worth every penny. Want to make a contribution? 🙂 Since with my travels my income is basically 0 … who knows if I find a way to get.

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