This is great news for us mobile users…..

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This is great news for us mobile users…..

Reshared post from +Matt Waddell

Here's the rundown of today's 24 new features! #seasonforshipping  

Both mobile apps:
1. profile editing
2. easier way to author content
3. subtle notice when there's new stuff to read
4. subscribe to notifications from circles
5. support for communities

6. full-size backups of your photos
7. photo spheres in the stream
8. share your mood with others
9. animated GIF support
10. birthday reminders in Google Now
11. lock screen widget

12. swipe through photo albums inline
13. tap once to view photos in all their glory
14. subtle pan-zoom-scale effect applied to stream photos
15. longer post snippets
16. bigger post photos
17. comments that slide in underneath each post

18. send messages to specific guests
19. event creators can see who's opened their invite
20. invite people by just pasting event URL in email/IM
21. RSVP with number of guests you're bringing
22. duplicate an event

23. ultra low bandwidth mode
24. improved single-person broadcasts

Google+: ‘Tis the Season for Shipping
Update 7:56AM PT: We’re rolling out new Android (v3.3) and iOS (v4.0) apps today! While it was tempting to give away one Google+ gift a day for the rest of the month, we thought it’d be more practical…

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  1. Mark Bienvenu 14 Dec 2012 Reply

    Glad to see communities in there, but looks like it doesn't support hangouts from private communities.

  2. Brent Burzycki 14 Dec 2012 Reply

    +Mark Bienvenu I am not sure… I assume that's another entire level of complexity… I am just happy that every time I think I am caught up with tech we get new stuff – because I get bored very easily…

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