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19 Nov 2013 admin In G+ Posts
Hats off to Jean but also to the drivers of these trucks…

Reshared post from +Mike Spinak

I know. I'm re-sharing a commercial. But this is exceptional.

I've seen lots of people re-sharing this video of a Volvo truck commercial. With good reason. Jean Claude Van Damme performs this feat splendidly, and it's a brilliant commercial.

Am I the only one who wants t know how he got out of this position after the commercial ends? (Assuming what is shown is real – which may be a big assumption.)

Did the trucks come back together, while he did a reverse split? I'll guess not, because that would have been even better than what's shown, and should have been included in the commercial.

Did they drive over something soft and safe, while he jumped off? Again, that would have been neat to show, if so.

What's your guess about how he got out of this position at the end of the commercial?

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