This is a great quick panel for your notification bar in android ICS

12 Jul 2012 admin In G+ Posts

Reshared post from +MoreQuicklyPanel official page

MoreQuicklyPanel v. released.

– Added the support of 1% increments battery level on Motorola devices.
– Added the option to select HIGH or MAX notification priority. (Jelly Bean only)

Now shows 1% increments even on most Motorola devices. Please try the option '1% increments on Motorola'.

Previous version set the notification priority (the new feature of Jelly Bean ) for 'MAX'. New version sets it for 'HIGH' according to the guideline. Normally the priority 'HIGH' is sufficient. You can set it for 'MAX' by the option 'MAX priority'.

I know that my Jelly Bean support is not enough. Please wait for future updates.


Check and Toggle status MORE QUICKLY at any time from a notification panel. MoreQuicklyPanel is the customizable toggle widget stays at a notification panel. Only for …

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  1. Kevin Gault 12 Jul 2012 Reply

    Cool find, I grabbed it. Thanks for the post on it.

  2. Bob Denny 12 Jul 2012 Reply

    Love it. You cannot do this sort of thing in the prison-cell architecture of iOS.

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