This is a great deal for 89.00 bucks.. I just purchased this also..Tons of great info and stuff for the price.. just the texture packs are worth 3 times the cost

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The Biggest Photo Training Offer of 2014
$2000 of training for $89. Yep. It's an amazing collection of more than 40 photography education tools & resources worth more than $2,000.. selling at just $89 for the next 5 days!

The deal closes Oct 20th.

To put this unprecedented package together, the folks at 5DayDeal
have partnered with some of the top photography educators in the world. Contributors include 2014 Photoshop World keynote speaker Joel Grimes as well as Trey Ratcliff, David DuChemin, Zack Arias, Serge Ramelli and many more.

Again, that's $2,000 of amazing value — for just $89! Many of these photographers have even appeared on TWiP over the years. This is really kind of crazy, and is a no-brainer for almost everyone.

Get it before it's gone.


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  1. Daniel Horande 15 Oct 2014 Reply

    Great!.. Do you know if there is a lot of new stuff from the one last year?

  2. Brent Burzycki 15 Oct 2014 Reply

    +Daniel Horande I was not in on that one – I can say I just downloaded it and its over 25gb of stuff….

    The list is on their site… just the Topaz Plugin is worth the 89 bucks in my opinion well that and the textures if you are into that..

  3. Daniel Horande 15 Oct 2014 Reply

    Thanks man. The first was about same size I believe. I can't find exactly what are the videos that comes in the package.

  4. Brent Burzycki 16 Oct 2014 Reply

    Near the bottom of the page here:

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