This does not look good

15 Jan 2012 admin In G+ Posts

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  1. Akira Kir 15 Jan 2012 Reply

    i saw it, simple reboot helped

  2. Tobias Perseus 15 Jan 2012 Reply

    I´m sorry, I have to say no. And you are right this does not look good. Maybe rebooting helps.

  3. Joe Needleman 15 Jan 2012 Reply

    yikes! its better then some of those old HP printers which would start reading out news feeds if you connected them to a network the wrong way.

  4. Brent Burzycki 15 Jan 2012 Reply

    I think itisbecoming self aware…. I will reboot after its done syncing the replacement volume…

  5. Alex Win 15 Jan 2012 Reply

    Can't say I've seen this, but a reboot should help.

  6. Kirk Ellert 15 Jan 2012 Reply

    Japanese. hmmmm. Identity crisis.

  7. JD Liddil 15 Jan 2012 Reply

    I'm going to suggest the obvious. Have you looked at the log files/error logs?

  8. Todd Green 15 Jan 2012 Reply

    Try logging in to the setup page and make sure its in English. You can also do a factory reset if you have to, but it will lose the volume and all data. If it's already set to English, try a bios update first. You may get lucky. In any case, if you can still get to files, and if all is well on the setup web page, then you probably just have a loose lcd panel connector.

  9. Alex Win 15 Jan 2012 Reply

    No, don't do a factory default. There's no localization for the LCD — it's only in English. Just reboot when you get a chance. RAIDar is still reporting correct status, right?

  10. Brent Burzycki 15 Jan 2012 Reply

    Its all good minus the insane screen….

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