The MiG-21 at IWM Duxford. I wasn't sure if I could make anything of this shot as it's taken at 17mm focal length and bit weirdly proportioned, plus there's the usual museum clutter around it. But I think it came out OK in the end

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  1. William Prine 20 Dec 2015 Reply

    Translated from
    Serial Number: 501
    Where you will find now: England, Duxford
    Manufacturer: Mikoyan-Gurjevics
    Type: Mikoyan MiG-21-Gurjevics
    Subtype: Mikoyan MiG-21PF-Gurjevics
    Manufacturer Number: 760501
    Operation type: Military
    Operation since: 1964
    Operation ends: 1988
    Termination Reason scrapped
    Recorded / edited 2012th 05. 02.
    Note: In 1990, England gave away the museum.

  2. Afif Anuar 21 Dec 2015 Reply

    Warning! Mig 21 is coming!

  3. In Vietnam have use

  4. Afif Anuar 25 Dec 2015 Reply

    +Ông nội Cu Tèo yeah i know 🙂

  5. +Afif Anuar use MiG 21. Do you know Pham Tuan pilot?

  6. Afif Anuar 25 Dec 2015 Reply

    He is legend?

  7. +Afif Anuar he is a hero

  8. Afif Anuar 25 Dec 2015 Reply

    +Ông nội Cu Tèo​ waw!! Nice

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