The "I wish they were real" series

12 May 2016 admin In G+ Posts

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  1. Kamal Tailor 12 May 2016 Reply

    One day? Maybe!?

  2. Wing Wong 12 May 2016 Reply

    Ah… Robotech live action shots? Nice.

  3. David Cheng 12 May 2016 Reply


  4. Curtis Edenfield 12 May 2016 Reply

    This one was real of sorts. NASA took a F-5 Tigershark airframe an built a couple test planes nearly identical to this rendering.

  5. John Bump 12 May 2016 Reply

    I know someone who was involved with designing the wing for the Grumman X-29, which looked very much like this sans the weaponry. They were, as +Curtis Edenfield says, roughly based on F5 airframes.

  6. Wayne Moyer 12 May 2016 Reply

    +Curtis Edenfield Yeah the X-29 if I remember correctly. There is also a Russian Sukhoi like this as well. In fact it even has the canards.

  7. Raiden Phoenix 12 May 2016 Reply

    I believe it is the Shinden II If I am correct. It was a exclusive for online play for Ace Combat Assault Horizon if I am correct

  8. Curtis Edenfield 12 May 2016 Reply

    I'm US Air Force Brat! My Dad is retired Msgt USAF. I grew up with fighters!

  9. Raiden Phoenix 12 May 2016 Reply

    +Curtis Edenfield not to be rude sir, but look up pictures of the Shinden II

  10. Gianluca D 13 May 2016 Reply

    +Kamal Tailor i was about to post the same plane

  11. Reo Cruz 13 May 2016 Reply

    +Raiden Phoenix he said it looked similar to the X-29. He made a comparison not jumped the gun.

  12. Curtis Edenfield 13 May 2016 Reply

    Concepts are exactly that concepts. The X-29 project started in the late 70s. The Japanese were still using the F-5. NASA continued the project through the mid 80s using Mitsubishi as a contractor for some of the flight systems. Now for the biggest part, Konami doesn't just make games.
    Put these together an you have a concept fighter, that also shows up in a game. Hmmmmm

  13. Reo Cruz 13 May 2016 Reply

    +Curtis Edenfield oh how I wish the skies were filled with X-29s, X-31s, YF-23s and F16XLs.

  14. Curtis Edenfield 13 May 2016 Reply

    +Reo Cruz it would be cool. But these are engineering dreams. Put on paper to learn from. In the not to distant future, they will all be UAV's.

  15. seems real.

  16. Mickey Mmm 13 Jun 2016 Reply


  17. Trevor Ng 15 Jun 2016 Reply

    Yes, no kidding.

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