Thanks to +Mike Berenson for talking about this in his last post

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  1. Mike Berenson 18 Aug 2012 Reply

    I've been using PTGui for a little while now. When a friend recently suggested this one, I thought I'd give it a try.  I'd already invested in PTGui and this one is obviously free so it's easy to try.  I found it to work better on my most recent milky way image than PTGui which impressed me.  It didn't do better with all the ones I tested, but for someone who's just starting with panos, I'd definitely suggest this one first as the cost is nice.  It just didn't work with some of the images I threw at it and that's where I like having both.

  2. Gene C 18 Aug 2012 Reply

    Hrmm have to check this out in abit. Thanks for the share

  3. Craig Pifer 19 Aug 2012 Reply

    I use ICE for most of my panos (which really aren't that many), and I find that it does a great job, especially compared to most of the other freeware out there.

    I posted several that I put together back in June of the Painted Hills in Oregon, and earlier in the year I put together this post ( ) comparing ICE and Hugin.

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