Texan Tuesday > Talon TuesdayToday we'll take a bit of a departure from our normal Texan Tuesday

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Texan Tuesday > Talon Tuesday

Today we'll take a bit of a departure from our normal Texan Tuesday. Today I give you the Northrop T-38 Talon. In my opinion, this is one of the best looking aircraft ever to take to the sky!

The Talon has a lot in common with the Texan. It really does! Both are advanced military trainers. Both have enjoyed a long life serving their country. The T-38 went into service with the US Air Force in 1961 and is still its advanced trainer to this day. Both were exported to many allied countries. See, a modern Texan.

The T-38s in my photo were photographed Saturday at the 2016 Air Power Over Hampton Roads airshow at Langley AFB. They are assigned to the 71st Fighter Training Squadron "Ironmen", 1st Fighter Wing, based at Langley. Their primary mission is adversarial air training for the 1st Fighter Wing's F-22 Raptors. Yes, the fight against Raptors!

"Black Talons"
Two T-38 Talons, of the 71st Fighter Training Squadron, take off in section on Saturday at Air Power Over Hampton Roads.



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  1. Robert Smith 28 Apr 2016 Reply

    My favorite aircraft

  2. I'll class that as my 2nd fave….first goes to the Northrop F-5 Tiger II (Used in Top Gun as the Russians "Mig-28").

  3. Donn Jones 29 Apr 2016 Reply

    Such grace

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