I bet it will look better on my nexus 7 tablet……… #nexus7 Reshared post from +Bradley Horowitz I am thrilled to share that the Google+ app for iPad is now live in the AppStore! Go download it now…  and be sure to let us know what you think! #googleplusupdates Google+ app for iPad available now in the App Store In May, we redesigned the Google+ experience for iPhone, adding full bleed photos that fall into place and bold visual elements that bring your stream to life. Today, we’re introducing new features fo… View this post on Google+
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SHARE A CIRCLE – SAY IT IS SO Reshared post from +Owen Prater #googleplusupdates Starting today you can actually share your favorite circles with others! So if you’ve got a great Photographers or Celebrities circle, for instance, then you can share a copy with your friends. To get started, just click on a circle from your Circles page, and click Share. (Importantly: when you share a circle, you’re only sharing its members at that time. Also: the circle name is always private to you, and any changes you make afterwards are private as well.) Let us know what you think in the comments! Video Transcript Hi, my name’s Owen, and I’m an engineer on the Google+ team. One of my favorite parts about circles is how they help me control who I share with, as well as what I read. In fact, many of you have created lots of great circles around topics that interest you (like Photographers) to bring lots of great content to your stream. In these cases, we've heard that you actually want to share your circles with others. Both to save your friends some time, and to connect them with interesting people and content. Today I'm […]
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Thanks Google..! and +Wen-Ai Yu and the google team
n class=”proflinkPrefix”>+Wen-Ai Yu and the google team… and +Emmett Lollis for pointing this out to me… Great to be verified … now I hope it will eventually be rolled out to everyone as real is a good thing…. Reshared post from +Wen-Ai Yu Not sure whether +Dolly Parton is actually that Dolly Parton? We’re starting to roll out verification badges on profiles so you can be sure the person you’re adding to a circle is who they claim to be. Check out the video below (or my profile) to see what these verification badges look like. For now, we’re focused on verifying public figures, celebrities, and people who have been added to a large number of Circles, but we’re working on expanding this to more folks. Thanks again for sending in your feedback! #googleplusupdates Video Transcript Many celebrities and public figures are joining Google+, and if you’re like me, you want to be sure the person you’re adding to a circle is really who they claim to be. Today, I’m happy to announce that we’re starting to roll out verification badges on profiles. When you visit the profile of a celebrity or public figure, you’ll see a verification badge next […]
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