Originally shared by +Fly By Photography the Loop Break maneuver, Cdr. Weisser hustling his jet, past crowd right, into position for the 6 Plane Cross. #aviation #Navy #BlueAngels #NASOceana #AirShow #F18 #Hornet  
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The Blue Angels Diamond Pass in Review
Originally shared by +Taka Sakamoto #SanFrancisco #FleetWeek #BlueAngels  
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A wing tip to a wing tip is only 3 feet away. This is the Diamond Formation ;-)
Nice shot +Taka Sakamoto​ Originally shared by +Taka Sakamoto A wing tip to a wing tip is only 3 feet away. This is the Diamond Formation 😉 #SanFrancisco #FleetWeek #BlueAngels  
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Oregon International Airshow
From +Rick A. Brown​ Originally shared by +Rick A. Brown Oregon International Airshow Today on my blog I wrote about what a great experience the 2015 Oregon International Air Show was, despite the heat, give it a look.…/ #rabimaging #flynavy #blueangels  
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U.S. Navy Blue Angels
Some great shots of the Blue Angels from +Mark Fann Originally shared by +Mark Fann U.S. Navy Blue Angels #navy #f18 #blueangels #jets #photography  
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So I have determined that like most types of photography, Aviation photography is very hard to get away from just taking another batch of shots that everyone else takes. There are only so many places to be to take your shots, but how you take them and how you use them has to be the easiest way to set apart your work from others
I have seen some great shots from the recent Fleet Week. Some are one of a kind, extremely hard to get shots, some are extremely lucky (PS: that's not a bad thing that is photography) but what is next? 1 million people with phones and cameras all shooting at the same things. How do you set yourself apart? #blueangels #fleetweek2014  
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San Francisco Fleet Week – Blue Angels – With the San Francisco Bay Bridge as the cool focal point..
Who needs that Golden Gate Bridge when this one is all painted grey and boring right next to it… Poor Bay Bridge, does all the work with none of the fame. Was trying to do something different, different is not as easy as you would think with aviation photography. Its about taking locations that everyone uses and getting it to be totally different. I might think I can take a photo, I might have equipment that is much better at doing everything than I actually am, but in the end it comes down to wanting to take the time and effort to forge the last stream, get on a boat where you throw up between shots or simply do nothing and change angles on everything you shoot.. I picked the easy one, the last one.. 🙂 Don't hate me… #blueangels #fleetweeksf #fleetweek2014  
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Fleet Week 2011
Now Fleet Week 2012 – Hopefully going to make it down there at some point this year to grab a few more photos…. I could have a fleet week once a month…… #fleetweek   #blueangels   #aviationphotography   View this post on Google+
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