Spending the evening with Duck Dodgers and the 24th and a 1/2 century
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Edited with Android apps
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Another run at Android Photo app Suggestions
Anyone have any more suggestions on what you like to use daily? Strangely the original post on this seems to be gone from my stream which is somewhat annoying as that had a pile of great comments on it, but all those suggestions were worked into this list. Anyone have a suggestion for a good overall app that allows remapping the shutter to a physical button on the phone? #androidography   #androidphotography  +Android Photographers  Reshared post from +Brent Burzycki *ANDROID USERS – Please list up your favorite Android Camera Apps*  A list to get you started as a new Android Phone owner….I have used at least all of these and then a pile of terrible apps – they all are worth looking at and choosing for yourself.. In the end I really have one or two I use daily… List of your favorites and with +1's we can vote on the best apps out there…. PANO APPS: Photoaf Pano – http://goo.gl/ZOmD2 Pano – http://goo.gl/DQhnu – Highly Rated ProCapture – Camera & Panorama – http://goo.gl/5Jbpg360 Panorama – http://goo.gl/DFNiZ HDR: PRO HDR Camera – http://goo.gl/X0tVc HDR Camera (+) – http://goo.gl/IOvuh – Free & Paid Versions *General Apps:*  Vignette – http://goo.gl/x3otN Camera360 – http://goo.gl/1cxZMRetro Camera – http://goo.gl/u4e1D Lightbox – http://goo.gl/wKDOP FLICKR – http://goo.gl/lVqwR Google Goggles […]
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