T-33 Ace Maker 2

19 Dec 2016 admin In G+ Posts

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  1. David O Flaherty 20 Dec 2016 Reply

    Great photo Brent

  2. K. Webster 20 Dec 2016 Reply

    That is an excellent shot Brent. I can imagine the G-Force the pilot is experiencing in that turn

  3. Jorge Sastoque 20 Dec 2016 Reply

    nice … i have a collection of 49 planes in mettal and i have this i tink…. issoo beautiful many history in this plane

  4. This Korean era war plane was also identified as the Scorpion in the 1950'. It would strike with such ferocity that the korean army would leave the battlefield if they knew this plan was taking off from the airfield in So. Korea. The modern korean army still has nothing to stop them. Wait till they see the A-10 Wart hog. It's a flying Gatling gun. They would spit up their octopus.

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