Starts Today – Get your photo critiqued over at +Behind the Lens: Photo Critique Group – Just drop it in our community and our guest critiquer +Eric Leslie will have his way with it… thats actually a good thing – critiques help to grow you as a photographer, no matter how much they might hurt

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Special Event!! Guest Critiquer +Eric Leslie

So, I've got something coming up for you!

We are going to have a GUEST critquer!!

+Eric Leslie is going to join us for 3 days – June 9th, 10th, and 11th to give some spot critiques!!!

Eric is a photographer who calls the rolling hills of northern California home. He shoots both landscapes and portraits with a focus on mixing the two. Creating environmental portraits that mix the beauty of a landscape with the humanity of a portrait is a difficult challenge. He loves hiking through forests exploring nature and photography is simply an extension of this. There’s nothing like setting your eyes on a scene few have seen and capturing that moment in a photograph. He’s always looking for strong compositions first and great light second. Getting great light is pretty easy to find if you’re patient, so he puts his greatest emphasis on looking for strong images that captivate the viewer.

Eric will be giving 5 critiques out on each of those three days, so make sure you take a look at his page, go through his albums, get familiar with his work and post a photo that might catch his eye and maybe your photo will get picked for critique!!!

This is our first run at this, so we're hoping for good results, and an active community! Please don't post more than two photos per day, so that no one person is dominating the stream.

Thanks everyone! Now let's have some fun with this! Oh! and don't forget to offer your own critiques as well!

Eric Leslie

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