Sometimes old is beautiful

03 Aug 2015 admin In G+ Posts

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  1. gary farris 3 Aug 2015 Reply

    that really is the shit!!! the exposed motor and laminated prop, the whole plane!!!

  2. Richard Beebe 3 Aug 2015 Reply

    Industrial strength art form!

    High Five +Brent Burzycki for your wonderful old Lycoming (I think) engine and the biplane it is attached to!

  3. Hemana Kumar 3 Aug 2015 Reply

    What's this

  4. Doug Fresh 3 Aug 2015 Reply


  5. Eric Price 3 Aug 2015 Reply

    Great picture!

  6. Dennys Gacita 3 Aug 2015 Reply

    Nice plane

  7. Ashoob Kermani 3 Aug 2015 Reply

    Always beautiful

  8. Reinhard M 6 Aug 2015 Reply

    Is this a Boeing Stearman?

  9. Expectacular!!!

  10. John Rambo 19 Aug 2015 Reply

    My Dad had a wood prop mounted over the fireplace when I was growing up. Do not remember what plane it belonged to.

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