Some of the best Auto-corrects of the year

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  1. Jeremy Davies 23 Dec 2012 Reply

    My abs hurt. Haha.

  2. Mike Keller 23 Dec 2012 Reply

    I really did fall in the floor laughing. Is this proof that iPhone fails at spelling?

  3. Brent Burzycki 23 Dec 2012 Reply

    +Jeremy Davies +Mike Keller I have no idea why these are so funny to me… but they are the one thing I just cannot stop laughing about….. 

    There are hundreds more epic ones.. these are just some of the ones I have seen over the year…

  4. Elizabeth Hahn 23 Dec 2012 Reply

    omg.  my abs.  I think that was worth about 500 situps…

  5. Sandra Parlow 23 Dec 2012 Reply

    bwaaaaa ha hahaa!!!!    I love these too!  Freaking hilarious!!!

  6. fan tai 24 Dec 2012 Reply

    Mike: the iPhone picks up on words you frequently use including words not in the dictionary.

    For some of these to be a real autocorrect, they must have used those words a lot.

    There's also a website where you can create your own… 🙂

  7. Jason Rykiss 24 Dec 2012 Reply

    I just about died laughing.  Haven't read these in months, but they never get old. 

  8. Ralph Lavaud 24 Dec 2012 Reply


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