Solo Türk at Kleine Brogel 2014

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Now those are are GREAT Aviation shots!! 377 followers – that needs to change..

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Solo Türk at Kleine Brogel 2014
General Dynamics (TUSAS) F-16CG Night Falcon (401)
The livery's color scheme consists of bright black, silver and golden representing the dance of power and technology with clouds. A graphic design on the bottom of the aircraft depicts the Turkish flag while on the vertical stabilizer a large eagle head is painted.
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  1. Michael Marek 19 Jun 2015 Reply

    380 B-)

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  3. Dennys Gacita 19 Jun 2015 Reply

    Nice airplane

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    .Nice plane

  5. sarathjith k 9 Oct 2015 Reply

    nice collection

  6. Thank uu

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