So this is easily one of the best discussions I have yet seen about the need for…

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So this is easily one of the best discussions I have yet seen about the need for the community to be more involved in the SUL (Yes it's another Suggested User list post) but this one is different and you should take the time to read it with an open mind. I have my opinions on good and bad but really they are not important if you are making friends here as you do in real life. 

Making friends is not easy, it takes work, G+ is not Twitter or Facebook where most relationships are shallow, drones or simply spammers. I make friends here with now over a year of investment of time and effort, that is more than I spend on non online "real" friends…. Many of the people I follow I know or at least feel like I know offline….and if I met them for the first time at a Photowalk etc I think our conversations would just continue from where we left off online..

There is nothing more powerful than a social platform where you can easily share ideas and get real feedback, many overlook that praise thou nice is not as important to growing in life than people willing to tell you the truth… I have found more truth than praise here on G+…

Thanks to +Scott Jarvie for once again stirring the pot and getting the community talking…. and thanks to People from Google like +Brian Rose who take the time to not only develop a great product but also take the time to actually reply to community issues, worries and discussions with truthful responses that all of us real people would love to hear from every company that we deal with.

I am looking for many of the things Scott is talking about….but I am also looking for more diversity into people that are well rounded and not afraid to be real on a day to day basis while showcasing their specialties and acting as G+ ambassadors to the community. I know I take time to answer questions because part of my hopes it will help the community involvement grow and become even better……. wait, just like real life….. 🙂

And Scott, I have embraced my new overlords, but I would like to see at least one Glamour based Photographer in your list….. as glamour photographers can answer a ton of questions about portrait work which seems to be lagging way behind landscapes on G+….well and every other site on the web… 🙁

#SUL   #MySUL  

Reshared post from +Scott Jarvie

The Jarvie #SUL – "THE Suggested Photographers"

"The Best Suggested Photographers List… on the planet"

Because i'm just dumb/silly enough to stir things up and do something controversial today
I defy you to repost this list and talk about how much you hate me! haha… or don't… in fact… why waste your energy hating? Embrace your new overlords

ABOUT THE LIST Because there's no secrets here
– Google has presently chosen 30 people in their photographers-artists list so that's how many I've chosen
– Yes, This is honestly who I'd put on the #sul   if it were for me to decide.
– I used all sorts of criteria and just plain gut feelings. Don't even try to understand the beautiful complexities, haha
– I left out all the amazingly awesome photographers that I didn't know (why? Because… DUH!)
– I took out many old-time-SULers from the list because they already have 1.5 million+ followers and I think hey… "mission accomplished"
– I left in a few old-time-SULers … but just barely… many of them really are doing awesome stuff (obviously).
– I made this list a week ago before google added athena, barry, elia, nicole and brian  (Turns out I can see into the future)

– When do you take someone off the SUL? Who knows… when they start sucking or when they hit 1 million?
-If you spent weeks more studying would your choices be different? Yes
-Will your choices change? Yes
-Are many of these people your friends? Do you feel that's un-fair? Yes/No
-Are you worried some friends will be offended? No, They're my friends aren't they? (They should understand me)
-Are you concerned you're missing worthy photographers? Yes, But do I let my fears and worries prohibit me from doing something beneficial for others? No
-Why don't you have business pages on the list? I haven't come across one that is really awesome.
-Where is google's SUL list?

1. – "Personally, I'd rather have 10 million google+ users spending a 20-30 hrs reviewing tens of thousands of photographers and making really informed decisions, but Jarvie's list comes in a close second."
2. – "Shared"
3. – "The confidence to produce a list such as this, in the face of worries of offending friends, is inspiring and it makes me want to make my own #MySUL list"
4. – "Who is Jarvie"
5. – "Jarvie has balls of steel for facing the naysayers and shoving it in the face of the haters"
6. – "Even though I'm not on the list I appreciate what you have attempted and I won't even ask you put me on the next list and i'll simply try to earn your admiration through my hard work, inspiring pictures and kindness"
7. – "I added the circle"
8. – "Rot in he!! you nazi-commie-socialist-tyrant scum"
9. – "Jarvie is a sexy beast"
10. – "Wow this is such a great list, thanks for putting in all that time and effort and thought"
11. – "Good list…I'm already following all 30 so I agree with the list."
12. – "This list is approximately 45 times better than Google's own list… really Google should be ashamed they didn't think of it themselves"
13. – "I'm offended"
14. – "If you don't share this list you are a coward and an infidel… oh and you'll have bad luck all week"
15. – "your check's in the mail."

The Official 30
+Colby Brown 
+Joe Azure 
+mel peifer 
+Chrysta Rae 
+Peyton Hale 
+Elia Locardi 
+Varina Patel 
+Jay Patel 
+Thomas Hawk 
+Ryan Brenizer 
+Jarek Klimek 
+Elena Kalis 
+Athena Carey 
+Olivier Du Tré 
+Philippe Sainte-Laudy 
+Petra Cross 
+Ivan Makarov 
+Brian Matiash 
+Catherine Hall 
+Nicole S. Young 
+Jim Davis 
+Mihailo Radičević 
+Mike Shaw 
+Martin Bailey 
+kimberly pemberton 
+helen sotiriadis 
+Gordon Laing 
+Alan Shapiro 
+Michael Bonocore 
+Jeremy Hall 

Last two in
(because google just made it 30 people instead of the 28 I based it off last week)
+Jeremy Hall – One of the nicest guys west of the Mississippi who's been posting some great content/pictures lately. #GoUtah
+Michael Bonocore  – All joking aside… he's posting some fun stuff lately.

First four out
(These are the first four I would/will probably take off the list)
+Colby Brown  – everyone is already following him
+Thomas Hawk -everyone is already following him x2
+Jay Patel  – everyone is already following him, plus he's happy to let Varina take the reigns.
+Alan Shapiro  – everyone is already following him (… meh who am I kidding, I'd probably still keep him in.)

Next five in
(Will they be the next five in… who knows)
+Karen Hutton  – One of those old SULers that I really would still love to see in the list.
+Barry Blanchard  – Everyone loves barry … and he's been stepping up his game on pictures.
+Sandra Parlow  because she's the face of Google+ photographers, everyone's best friend and the most loved of us all.
+SmugMug  – I'm biased and I don't know many other businesses posting good content. (yes I'm a bit ignorant since I don't check that circle often)
+Alexander Safonov  – because dang wouldn't that be funny.

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  1. Monika Schmidt 8 Jul 2012 Reply

    Thank you very much for this great circle!
    Hope to get in touch with some of them/you 🙂

  2. Scott Jarvie 9 Jul 2012 Reply

    +Brent Burzycki nice write up… your overlords are happy. haha
    Ahhh I guess I'm still uncertain what makes glamour so different from a portrait photographer or someone that maybe you'd call a fashion photographer. Because there are a couple portrait people on that list… heck even 2 wedding people.

    I suppose I'd be aight with it as long as the 14yr olds and people at work would be able to consistently be able to view their stream. 🙂

  3. Brent Burzycki 9 Jul 2012 Reply

    +Scott Jarvie Well that all depends on where in the world those 14y/o's are located and in most cultures its ok to see many things us in the US believe are horrible to allow anyone to see..

    That said – I think at least for me I have given up on posting things here that are not safe for work…

    Or I clearly need to take up landscape work….or just post about tech that helps us photographers etc…

    Lately I just do critiques, and help people vs. posting, but then when i do not post photos I get emails asking why…

    Catch 22

    I am happy to have near 40k in followers.. And glamour is not that different that portrait, but then again the subject matter is..

    I just find it interesting that Jessie June has been on the SUL for a long time and has a ton of followers and she posts images that are way more risque than I have ever posted here… thus the need for a few more and hence the need for someone on the JOSUL – or Jarvie Overlord Suggested User List….

  4. Scott Jarvie 9 Jul 2012 Reply

    Haha and Jessie is someone I certainly wouldn't follow on here. haha

  5. Chuck Jackson 9 Jul 2012 Reply

    +Brent Burzycki Good post, sir. I appreciate your interactions as a G+ ambassador so keep it up!

  6. Brent Burzycki 9 Jul 2012 Reply

    Thanks +Chuck Jackson I just try to be me…… Some people like that and others well…. Thats their issue… No reason not to just be yourself….

  7. Brent Burzycki 9 Jul 2012 Reply

    +Scott Jarvie its cool you can follow her for her food suggestions when traveling.. It's like playboy for the articles…

  8. Chuck Jackson 9 Jul 2012 Reply

    +Brent Burzycki No arguments from me on that one – do your thing, man! 🙂

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