So recentaly +500px released the ability to see stats for images on their site, and…

28 Apr 2012 admin In G+ Posts

So recentaly +500px released the ability to see stats for images on their site, and in those stats were the number of dislikes, in finally having a moment to look over those stats today I believe part of me was happily surprised that I had far fewer dislikes than I imagined I would have had on images that I thought would have received many more..

It is an interesting case study for someone who shoots the stuff I tend to shoot based on what my thought of how people looked at my work and how people vote, like or dislike my work even when anonymous.

I am not going to rehash the nudity subject, as it seems to have been hashed out over and over and I shoot what is fun for me and right now that is still glamour.. well and Aviation.

I do feel thou that part of me asks why people did dislike those specific images and why, was it a technical issue? was it content? was it lighting? was it political or religious?

Maybe I ask to many questions and want to know to many answers about those, but is that not the overall point in trying to further ones vision or career?

You can see the un-censored images on 500px:

Maybe cast you opinion there or here in this thread. Is being liked that important? Is recieving a +1 something that boosts your ego to maintain your interest in your hobby or do you internally need that ego boost?

It is a lot to think about on a Saturday morning when I should really just be washing my truck and sitting in the sun…. oh sorry I mean working…

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  1. David Lloyd 28 Apr 2012 Reply

    Indeed I felt the same re the dislikes, however note that an 'add to favorites' can increase a photo's rating just as a subsequent 'remove from favorites' can set reduce the rating too.

  2. Terrell Woods 28 Apr 2012 Reply

    +Brent Burzycki I think you are really over-thinking the issue. Your photos, work and style are yours. I for one really like most of your work…I also try to post a reason why…I try to get a little technical but mostly it's just because I like the shot…whatever components of the picture that are present….it just works. Remember, and I know you do..this work is out here fore everyone….not just the people who would be drawn to the specific type of work you shoot. I would think the criticism you would take most to heart would be those of a like-minded eye and passion. They are the ones, I feel, who would be able to offer constructive comment to your work. Keep Rockn'.

  3. James Gass 30 Apr 2012 Reply

    +Brent Burzycki art is subjective. Some will like it and some won't. My photos there rarely even get viewed so, I wouldn't care if it got disliked; as long as people looked at them. That's the reason we share our photos. With that said, I don't post much there because it seems pointless in my case since I've I've only gotten 2-3 views on a couple of photos.

    I do see your point though. It can be disappointing when you receive dislikes.

  4. Brent Burzycki 30 Apr 2012 Reply

    +James Gass I think some might be thinking I care about dislikes… I am actually amazed that I did not receive a ton more… Nudity usually receives mass criticism, and not all like it… I have seen very strange "scores" there and was wondering if it was because of dislikes I could not see.. I know there was a strange weighting issue also for dislikes vs. likes…

    I just found it more interesting than anything that we could finally see the number of dislikes.. the people are 500px really did not want to show those numbers for a long time..

    Are you not getting views based on content?

  5. James Gass 30 Apr 2012 Reply

    Content as in nudes? No, I have no nudes there. Content as in subject or quality? I suppose they aren't that great or interesting enough. I don't know, it could be a number of reasons. I do know that I get more feedback here on g+ than I do on 500px. Just to note, in case anyone is wondering, I'm not complaining about the site; I spend a lot of time there looking through photos looking for inspiration.

  6. Brent Burzycki 30 Apr 2012 Reply

    I have been hearing some do not get much traffic there… I know I do not get that much base don their claims of massive traffic daily.. but I am also not usually posting images liek the ones that make it into their top pages..

    There is some great stuff there thou.. I will give them that..

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