So it's probably about time Photographers showcased some models that either impress…

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So it's probably about time Photographers showcased some models that either impress them with their work or they have worked with that are also here on G+.

I have a circle I have had since G+ opened here to watch the trends with G+ and how models have used it to market themselves here to their fans and to potential new photographers to work with…..

As many know finding models (especially high class professional ones) can be difficult for the new and sometimes even for the seasoned photographer. You can go to their site but they usually never reply to requests and honestly it feels like when I try that I am just the creepy stalker. You can use sites like but at least in my case I would need to move to the LA area to get into a broader market of pro level models. 

This is always an issue, I have had good luck with local models but you can only shoot with the same model so many time before your portfolio gets incredibly one sided.

So in an attempt to get the word out about some exceptional models here on G+ and get them a bit more exposure I think I will be showcasing a model a month or so to help try to expand model / photographer communications here on G+. 

I have no issues with fans, they are what makes most of our work even possible, but there does need to be a sepearation between fans and photographers looking for models to work with them on a professional level.

So, if you are a photographer that is always on the hunt for cool new models to work with please drop a note below and I will add you to my "Photographers Looking for Models" circle – I will publish new models I find out to that select list. If you are a Model and want to be showcased here, please let me know and also let us all know you are open to work requests via G+.

Today's Model is +Jessie Shannon . I have not had an opportunity to work with her as of yet but her portfolio of work is very impressive. An amazing figure and working with select photographers will do that to a portfolio….

She is in around 8000 circles here on G+, maybe we can get her a few more and hopefully this will get her exposure to those in my circles that are looking for models to work with. Clearly inclusion of Jessie in your book would be a huge plus.

Now all I can hope is that she runs her own G+ here like our buddy +Jessi June and she is open to communications here on G+ because without that aspect, it will make all of the above most difficult.

Feel free to discuss your points below… I have had good luck and back luck with models over the years, thankfully more good luck than bad, but establishing a good way to communicate with models for professional work situations can be difficult. It is one of the most asked questions I get when i post images. Now its time for a bit of pay it back….


(image is not mine so hats off to the photographer it is very well done)

Reshared post from +Jessie Shannon

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  1. Brent Burzycki 29 Oct 2012 Reply

    +J. Rae Chip I agree… mine has about 160 models in it and honestly almost none of them post anymore… might as well do some promo here so all of them do not decide to leave..

  2. Jeff Davis 29 Oct 2012 Reply

    I don't think you have to be a photographer… +Jessie Shannon could impress a dead man!

  3. Brent Burzycki 29 Oct 2012 Reply

    +Scott Bourne its a totally valid question. I think if I added up everything I have shot I have actually shot more with models with natural breasts than implants. But most of that was early work that those breasts will never be seen or they have moved on and so has my work. 

    That said I think the trend in the world is implants get more attention, but if you look at the magazines like Mystique and Playboy etc… they really are all about natural breasts and then (especially playboy) take the implant girls and relegate them to the website or special issues..

    I have worked with models with horrible real breasts and horrible implants.. and I have worked with models with incredible real breasts and implants that must have cost 10 house payments because you might not ever be able to actually tell….

    It is also personal taste I think – personally I use models that can fill out sexy outfits for glamour work, and there seems to be many more models sporting implants than natural breasts at least where I am located.

    I would love to hear a models opinion on this… I could speculate till my eyes fall out… I could come up with some interesting potential reasons why a model would opt to get implants… I assume they can revitalize a career if you get them after shooting with a pile of photographers etc and you wanted to change your look. Or a model that already has amazing natural breasts might not even look to become a model where as a model that gets implants specifically to show them off – IE: business decision.

    I am not sure I have a preference per say.. I tend to try to hire models that fit the look I am looking for more than anything. I have had many friends that had (at least in my book) great natural breasts and then they went and got implants… thankfully people are people no matter what I think.. and they all do things for different reasons..

    The overall view on the internet as I see it is some people love them and others hate them…. 

    If you look at this page on my site:
    (FYI – the link says what the content is)

    There is a mix and each model based on if she has or does not have implants give very different looks… many love the curvey natural look while others like the look implants (at least good ones) will give…

    I would be interested to hear how a model that had natural then went to implants and how it affected her career.. I have this bad feeling that the work went up after implants, that said where and for who that work went up would also be very interesting..

    On a strictly personal note for me… I like any breasts that will put up with my BS – I am not biased.. but all my friends think I have 1000 hot models lying naked all over the place… sadly I am very single and to shoot this type of stuff you tend to be as many girlfriends tend to frown upon your main hobby being taking hot photos of beautiful women..

    +J. Rae Chip to answer your questions.. IR cameras is a great way to find out…. less heat = implants… so thus for many god boobies are hotter…

  4. Terrell Woods 29 Oct 2012 Reply

    +Brent Burzycki I have used the Ujena network for photographers and models. Even though I'm not remotely the level of many of your circle I have had the good fortune of working with all levels of models…the ones with more experience were compensated monetarily. +Scott Bourne I think unless a model physically possesses the traits that are desired by major agencies like Elite/Wilhelmina/Ford/L.A. Model and then put on that kind of trajectory many (the short ones) move over to sportwear, lookbook work kind of stuff and they seem to be either naturally more full figured or enhanced. 

  5. Brent Burzycki 29 Oct 2012 Reply

    I will agree that there is a ton of talk about retouching vs. Dr supplied changes…. Maybe because the Dr supplied changes are the models choice where as when we retouch it is not their choice… Or simply people hate models that look "fake" sad part of that is many pro level models need very little retouching because they already look amazing in real life with no makeup or special lighting..

  6. Brent Burzycki 29 Oct 2012 Reply

    It's not a bummer I work too much and never have time for me let alone others… So it would not be very fair… As my x told me… And sadly she was right..

  7. Terrell Woods 29 Oct 2012 Reply

    Well all I know is that fashion houses mostly do not want a model, natural or enhanced whose figure takes away from their clothes..and the S.I. and V.S. types want a bit more curves. The best line I ever heard from an agent, "..basically we look for freaks of nature." She equated it with professional athletes who are at the top of the food chain. Seriously, when 5' 9" is on the short side (unless you're Kate Moss) really is a different world. 

  8. Terrell Woods 29 Oct 2012 Reply

    +J. Rae Chip I seriously misspoke  Always happens when I try to take on a serious subject. I agree with you completely that chicks with natural big boobs are not automatically more full figured. Totally true. I really hope I don't come off as one who thinks that. I'm gonna close my trap before I put another shoe in it!

  9. Brent Burzycki 29 Oct 2012 Reply

    Nah keep talking +Terrell Woods +J. Rae Chip has thick skin…. And I hate to say it but if you look at the porn industry big natural breasts very much equals big everywhere else… So yet another stearotype….

  10. Terrell Woods 29 Oct 2012 Reply

    +Brent Burzycki +J. Rae Chip you two! lol

  11. Darren Rye 29 Oct 2012 Reply

    It's odd, ask most blokes if they prefer real or fake boobs, and they'll go for the former. But the mostly male-targeted industries of porn and glamour are mostly fake boobed. I think it is about the freak if nature. Someone who makes you stop and go wow.

  12. Marco Frigè 29 Oct 2012 Reply

    What a beautiful sexy body and explosive!

  13. Jessi June 31 Oct 2012 Reply

    +Brent Burzycki +Terrell Woods +J. Rae Chip I have big natural breasticles and it doesn't mean I'm big everywhere. I think you just see that in porn because the guys who like Big natural boobs usually also like the full figured women too, so they pair them together. Most girls in porn have fake boobs just because the more perfect they look, the more money they make. They try to deny ever having surgery, but you can always tell… 😉

  14. Brent Burzycki 1 Nov 2012 Reply

    +Jessi June Breasticles – I am not sure that sounds sexy or like a bad B movie… 🙂

    Thanks for chiming in.. I guess it simply comes down to one thing, everyone likes different things and that why we have so many people to choose from…. I like options…

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