So as a new owner of this watch – the Nabu Watch Forged Edition – I will say it is comparable to the higher end G-Shock Watches in quality. Well for the most part it is but I am not sure I would hit it in the face with a hockey stick

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I have been waiting for a watch like this for some time as smart watches are less than smart and useful and durability is terrible in the real world where people work and play harder than sitting at a desk.

Had some strange setup issue where the app recognized the watch but it would not show up as an active BT device in the BT list. This was very interesting as it then came back after I used my phone to run a small BT speaker and the watch disconnected for some reason (no connection displayed on the screen.

Some very early first impressions:

Watch screen is slightly dim but honestly I like it and it has a backlight.

While it does have watch functions it is not as full featured as most G-Shock style watches in this price range – that said its also not trying to be one

Watch band is nice but all these watches require some break in time for both a wrist and the band to conform to the new style. I wear my watches "military Style" or upside down and this watch can do that but depending on your wrist bones the clasp can be a bit pointy in comparison to my Casio. Why those of us wear watches like this is many, but for me it allows me to see time in meetings without looking like I am looking at my watch and it keeps my watch out of the way of work in many ways. That said the turn your wrist and activate the OLED screen is less effective in this wear option.

Casio: 240.00
Nabu Watch: 199.00

I think the addition of the smart features (well semi smart) are good for most of us that just want to see notifications and track some steps. Sadly step counts do not interface with Fitbit and if all your friends on on that service well, your screwed at this point. Or you are wearing two devices.

I have not had it long enough yet and normally just shut up and wait till I use a new device for a few weeks before stating any opinions, but this is so new and so few have them its worth getting out something to help those looking at buying one.

As far as the software / App – Overall it is fine, it is not full of a ton of features, but there is enough and I assume Razer will expand on items in the future. Seeing the phone is the cause of the notifications there does not seem to be a way to limit notifications to the phone and not the watch. Example: Not get gmail notifications on the watch but get them on the phone only. I could also just not know what I am doing and need to dig into it further.

Overall, good build quality, I am very hard on watches and we will see how this lasts in the real world. That said this watch might just do enough with battery life that is not a charge it daily situation (which I would just not do.

Things I wish it had:

Solar Charging – Like my G-Shock
Slightly brighter screen or optional brightness settings, but its not that bad – we will see how it does in direct sun if we ever get any.
I am curious how it will effect phone battery life – we will see.
After breaking it in it will be good to see fit and comfort as far as the back charging connector.

More to report after a few weeks of wearing it.

PS for the ladies – it is far far far from small. A Baby G-Shock Style would be a great addition for the ladies that are tired of lame women style watches.

+Jason Howell – It might not be Android – but its a wearable – and many might want to hear about it.


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