Side car racing on the Isle of Man TT

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  1. Delete this post.

    It's bad enough what happens to our hero's at the TT without a clip of a rider crashing making "Hot" on Google.

  2. Brent Burzycki 8 Jun 2014 Reply

    They were both fine…. Because of their skills….. Or I would not have posted it… Plus if this made it to what's hot with 6 pluses the algorithm must be broken…

  3. Chris Nieves 8 Jun 2014 Reply

    Gotta have the ups and downs.I love this event… Sad to see but happy they were fine.

  4. +Brent Burzycki It matters not what maths Google users this week to pick what's Hot, it is hot & is promoting crashing at the TT.

    Do the decent thing please…

  5. Brent Burzycki 8 Jun 2014 Reply

    I actually do not agree it promoting crashing… I honestly believe they do not cover the crashes at the TT enough.. They usually rarely show them… It is part of the reason this race is so important to the history of the TT… It is one of the last races in the world that actually truly tests the riders skills based on the ultimate potential sacrifice… One mistake and your into the wall.. It is how all racing used to be… Do not get me wrong I understand your point of view as I share the point of view that a post of a crash would be views by some as a reason to kill the race based on safety issues but I also know the racers there would have it no other way.

    The immense skill of the riders there is the reason that a crash like this they actually walk away from…

    I have watched racing all my life… And the fact that we can still have a race like this is testament to the fact that rider skill and safety equipment allow for it…. The fact this race happens with only a handful of incidents says volumes…

    There is good and bad in all motorsports….. I will give you this.. It will be my only crash related TT post… People need to know both sides of the story…

  6. +Brent Burzycki

    Do what you want Brother.

    Sleep well.

  7. Mike Taylor 9 Jun 2014 Reply

    +Brent Burzycki I don't see why you should delete it. Many more people have seen it on ITV than on G+. I would though disagree with you on their skill saving them. They were lucky. There have unfortunately been many skillful riders who haven't been as lucky on the island and no doubt there will be many more.

    However each and every one of them knows the risks involved, no one is forced to do the race. Long may it continue. Many many more people die in their sleep.

  8. Keith Williams 9 Jun 2014 Reply

    I kind of agree with +Wiggysan Wiggysan , there is too much negative TT press about crashes and deaths and if you really are a fan of the TT as you say you would be posting something positive. God know, the positives are plentiful, Dave Molyneax gaining his 17th win, Michael Dunlop repeating his second 4 wins in a week, Peter Hickman achieving 129mph as a newcomer or the hours of slow motion footage showing the skills of riders getting it right as oppose to the two seconds of getting it wrong.
    The reputation of the TT as a death event is getting in the way of what the race is all about, the pushing of man and machine in a place where people are allowed to live their lives as they choose without restrictions of other peoples opinions, pretty rare in the world today.
    There has been something close to 20,000 racing miles covered in this years event, 99.9% safe racing miles, we don't need to shouting about the 0.1%, there is enough other ignorant people to do that just to get their posts in Hot.

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