Rocket plumes are pretty hard to film, because they're not only very bright, but different parts of the image have different brightnesses, so filming at a single exposure doesn't work very well. Fortunately, NASA has been developing a camera specifically for this kind of thing: basically a slow-motion video camera with built-in HDR, so it can film simultaneously at several exposures and combine the result.

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And the result is pretty great to watch. It's fun as a video, of course, but extremely important as a way to see the flow of superheated gases leaving the nozzle: critical to improving everything from safety, to power, to fuel efficiency.

NASA Captures Details of a Rocket Test With Its New Camera
You’ve never truly seen what a rocket plume looks like. They are extremely bright and therefore, have never been photographed properly and unless you want to stare directly into one, it’ll be nearly impossible to imagine. Although that’s difficult, considering there haven’t been cameras that could capture its image before.

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