Review: Dell UltraSharp 34 Curved Monitor – U3415W

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So first thing to say is I have been using Dual monitors for a long time, so long that when I try to get work done on a single monitor I feel I am easily half as productive.

I implemented dual monitors in my office at work and now no employee would have it any other way. It was the cheapest way to increase productivity I have found in business.

All of that said, this monitor is very large but it is not at all the same experience that using dual monitors gives you. Many things change when you replace dual monitors with a large single.

For me I have replaced (at least for the time being) two Dell U2412m – So 2 – 24" monitors replaced by one 34".

The curve that is a huge piece of this monitor is interesting but really it is also slightly annoying when used for a work environment – but for movies and games it is quite nice to have the "more immerse feel" to the monitor.

Here is something else you need to know before buying any new monitor these days. CHECK YOUR CONNECTORS – You might be amazed that many of the new monitors have done away with DVI or they have gone to very different connectors, so check them before you move everything off your desk only to find that your new monitor or your computers video card will not support the insane DPI these new monitors can produce.

I will admit I in no way miss the typical most annoying feature of using dual monitors, that of the place the two meet in the middle. What I do miss but I feel will resolve itself as I make my way through re-sizing each application is how you can snap or re-size on dual monitors with much less issues than this monitor.

Dell does include an interesting monitor control manager application that allows you to set up per app many aspects of how the monitor will work – to include – regional zone re-sizing and monitor mode changes for items like movies, Games etc.

Basically the monitor is supposed to understand what you are doing and adapt to your applications and what you are doing.

More to come as I use it for the next several weeks.

If you have questions fee free to ask them.

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