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27 Dec 2012 admin In G+ Posts

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  1. Jürgen Lillich 27 Dec 2012 Reply

    Cute …….

  2. Jason Dunn 27 Dec 2012 Reply

    Aw, no more right-side halo.  Looks cleaner now.  I love her expression.

  3. Brent Burzycki 27 Dec 2012 Reply

    +Jason Dunn yep different filter set….much different look with small changes… I think people would be amazed at what tiny little changes can do…

  4. Stuart Ponder 27 Dec 2012 Reply

    My 2¢ – her face is the best part of the photo, but the dark object on the wall behind her (on the left side of the image) has straight lines that contrast so much as to pull attention away. Try cropping her face so tightly that you cannot see a straight line behind her


    photoshop the dark object out completely or at least blur the image to the point of turning it into bokeh.

    Otherwise it's a beautiful image. I especially like the treatment of the eyes.

  5. Jason Dunn 28 Dec 2012 Reply

    She's over-the-top gorgeous and this is a great shot.

  6. +Brent Burzycki NIIIIIIIIICE!

  7. Brent Burzycki 28 Dec 2012 Reply


  8. Peter Aikins 30 Dec 2012 Reply

    Hot shot Brent. Love the look you've captured.

  9. Brent Burzycki 30 Dec 2012 Reply

    +Peter Aikins thanks.. I have to say the model sometimes makes the shot…

  10. prashant singh 9 Jan 2013 Reply

    it is so hot

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