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+Olav Folland and +Susan Core and now hundreds here have done a pile of research into this person that has really taken potential photo stealing to the next level…..I have not seen such a pile of fakeness all in one spot…

Everyone should take a read and see what some might be doing to grab images and try to invent themselves into something they are not on the web……

Just think if they spent the time working on their own career…..vs. inventing one with others work…

Comment on the Original:

+Brian Rose – Not sure what investigation can be done..googleside….
(PS: Merry Christmas and thanks for all the help and support this year)

Reshared post from +Susan Core

PLEASE RESHARE: What we know about +Manik Photographe so far:

This person is stealing the work of others! Let us all band together and keep our community a safe place to post such beautiful work. Please reshare to all your circles, I will keep this post updated with any new information as best as I can!

This photo by +Jeff Vyse was not only posted without his consent, but this girl also went to the trouble to edit/mirror it to pass it as her own.
Here is his original work:

Her profile photo has been discovered as belonging to +Stefan Beutler( Thanks to +P E Sharpe for pointing it out in this post:

Yet another photo:
The original:

Deviant Art Site:
Original photos she's stolen to post to DA:

Stolen from:

Book? LOL:
Yet, when I search popular sites that people use to buy books, it comes back with zero results!
Her so-called publisher's website:

Stolen from: +Kalliope Amorphous:

Stolen from:

Stolen from:

Stolen from:
Stolen from:

Stolen from: +Gary Wong Photography here–

Stolen from:

Stolen from: +Dean Woodyatt here–

WordPress Photos:
Stole from:
His wordpress site:

Here are links to all of her profiles through the web:!/manikphotograph/ (both are hers because she has so many fans!)

She claims working for: #Elle, #Versace, +FashionTV, #SanFranciscoChronicle, #MetropolitanMuseumOfArt, +Ford Models, +W Hotels Worldwide, +Vanity Fair, +Volkswagen USA, +Leica Camera, +Audi USA, #Loreal, +Land Rover USA, +Artful Dodger, +National Geographic, +BMW USA, +Vogue, +Ford Motor Company, +TOYOTA, +Australian Geographic, #ArtGalleryOfWesternAustralia & more!

I'm pretty sure she has now blocked me and will likely do the same. All links should still work. PLEASE post here or email me if you have any links that I missed or anything I should add.

I'd suggest that you guys go through her links and make sure she isn't claiming any of your work. If she is, take the appropriate measures and let me know. I'll add you to this post! * We aren't going to put up with stealing*, right guys?!

Edit: She doesn't seem to take much of this seriously.

Thanks goes to +Olav Folland & +Giuseppe Basile for their discoveries.

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  1. +Brent Burzycki Great move to mention Brian Rose on this, Brent. Well done. Uncircled and reported the person in question.

  2. Brent Burzycki 26 Dec 2011 Reply

    Brian is good people and a huge advocate for us all here….

  3. Olav Folland 26 Dec 2011 Reply

    Well said +Brent Burzycki

  4. Congrats on everyone doing research on this during holidays.

  5. Charles Vaz 29 Dec 2011 Reply

    At the very least there is no High Def stream on google+ exposed for free public access like +Brent Burzycki – it becomes very difficult to catch photo thieves like Manik Photographe when sites like give such easy public access to high resolution photo streams.
    Google+ is also secure because traceability and identification of the true original photographer becomes a lot easier on a medium where multiple photographers can also communicate and simultaneously identify the problem and the original photographer and you have access to the worlds largest search engine as your backbone along with access to Google adsense accounts so google+ great place to be.

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