Quick note to all photographers that shoot people, portraits etc

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This is a great deal… Basically free…. To get a diagramed and explained set of shoot instructions to use for ideas and to add to your current lighting setup. +mark daughn put this 50 dollar project together to create high end shoots for 50 bucks or less…. Take a minute to check it out…

Everything I know about shooting portrait work came from Mark… He is a great teacher…

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50 Dollar Project Calendar for FREE! I want to offer the 2014 50 Dollar Project calendar to anyone who requests it for FREE all you pay is the packaging and shipping, total fee is $5.00. There is tons of great info. I have a limited number of these left so don't delay. I hope you enjoy and get a lot out of it.

Each month includes a shoot that that I break down spelling out exactly how I did it, complete with lighting diagrams, camera settings, etc. Each shoots budget did not exceed $50.


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