Portfolio Work….. Share your latest work here… post up a link…. this is what I came up with on a friday night…. Post a link.. post your profile link…. get more followers on the Birthday of G+ by putting yourself out there for all of us to see… and as has been the theme here for 2 years, interact.. do not lurk.. be part of the cool community that G+ has become

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  1. J. Rae Chip 29 Jun 2013 Reply

    Good idea 🙂
    This is what I've been working on lately:
    but come tomorrow I'll have some more material for my edgy portfolio:

  2. Olav Folland 29 Jun 2013 Reply

    You've shot her before, right?

    The muted tones totally work with the lingerie.

  3. Brent Burzycki 29 Jun 2013 Reply

    +Olav Folland yep – this is from an older shoot.. no time to shoot anything lately … re-editing makes for my only photo fun…

  4. Olav Folland 29 Jun 2013 Reply

    I hear you. This time of year the temps don't help either :/

  5. Brent Burzycki 29 Jun 2013 Reply

    106 here today….. I assume hotter by you…

  6. Olav Folland 29 Jun 2013 Reply

    'bout the same. The photowalk will be interesting tomorrow. We'll see who wilts first.

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