Pick your models and your shots – So you are just starting out and want to take some…

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Pick your models and your shots – So you are just starting out and want to take some photos of people. Then you decide that the people you want to take photos of might or might not be wearing more than their birthday suit… well it is time to make some real decisions in your photo career and in turn about what and how you use your images. 

Or let's put it this way – DO NOT GET BLINDED BY NUDITY – There is more there than just seeing a model get naked, you actually need to take some great photos…

In todays world of social media, sexy is fine, but nudity in most cases is not. So make sure you take the time before each shoot to make a list on paper or in your head of the shots you need to get in the time you have your model. Nudity in many cases will chase away some of the best models you might work with. Understand your market and those that you will use to make your mark. This includes models you will hire… The best and sexiest bikini and lingerie models that will make your portfolio truly amazing might never shoot a nude image in their entire career and might look at photographers that shoot only nudes as people they are not as keen to work with…

The shoot below was an impromptu shoot we just decided to do but even here the shots were in my head.. SADLY THEY WERE ALL THE WRONG SHOTS FOR WHAT I NEED NOW!  now years later and when the focus of my work has changed I find myself picking though a small subset of images I can use to promo my work online… be it here or facebook etc..

Do not make the mistakes I have – plan ahead – do not just shoot for one final outcome.. or simply shoot for the image you need to get at the time but make sure you have another bit of time left over to shoot other shots that allow for more wide spread marketing use later in your career when you have pivoted or simply the audience has changed.

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  1. Olav Folland 7 Jul 2013 Reply

    Hell yes.  And if nudity does happen make sure it's artistic, even above sexy.  But never plan on it. (Rules for anyone I shoot)

  2. Steve Boyko 7 Jul 2013 Reply

    Great advice, Brent, thanks!

  3. Brent Burzycki 7 Jul 2013 Reply

    +Olav Folland I will not lie…many past shoots are planned well in advance to include a portion of nudity… I like to be very up front with models.. you are hired for this, this and this – we just might take two hours to get you out of your clothes…

    I am sad to say that many nude models pull clothes off way too fast… it is worth slowing down that process and taking time to get a ton of shots you can use across the board.. I failed to do that years ago… and in turn, I cannot use a majority of that work now.. 

    +Steve Boyko happy to help if I can… I sure have made enough mistakes for people to learn from…

  4. gary domino 27 Feb 2014 Reply

    She looks. Pissed

  5. Brent Burzycki 28 Feb 2014 Reply

    +gary domino sometimes pissed is good…

  6. gary domino 6 Mar 2014 Reply

    Really !

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