Photos you do not normally see… especially these days post 911

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  1. Fleetweek?

  2. Bill Willson 27 Apr 2012 Reply

    Periodically, when departure traffic out of both Oakland and SFO are light, NORCAL Approach (ATC) will grant the bay visual departure. It usually has an altitude associated with it (either not below 2000, or not above 2000ft, It all depends on traffic conditions) The ground track: Pilots are required to stay over the water or as directed by ATC. Once they pass the Golden Gate, you clear to climb to your assigned altitude. The pax love it.

  3. I believe that this is Fleet Week 2011 and the United Airlines B-747-400 (N127UA) is the aircraft in the photos. The crew did a few low passes over the bridge and bay area. There are some pretty cool videos out there that show how low and fast the aircraft was going. Some people even thought that it was another 9-11 event.

  4. Jeremy Hawran 27 Apr 2012 Reply

    Fleet Week in SF… It has been going on long before 9/11

    No conspiracy here. Just good ole American tradition.

  5. Brent Burzycki 27 Apr 2012 Reply

    A tradition that I hope continues – with air show and air base closures, and hysteria in the public eye…..

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