P-47 Thunderbolt of Lt Edwin Wright of the 404th Fighter Group. Please note the hole made in one of the propeller blades

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Wright belonged to the Ninth Air Force, which, following the ground invasion of France in June 1944, moved its bases from Britain to mainland Europe in order to provide closer support to the advancing troops. This picture was taken near St Trond, Belgium.
It was not the first time Wright's aircraft had been hit on a mission. By the time this photograph was taken, the 19-year-old had completed 39 missions and survived being hit by flak six times.
Wright was considered a very fortunate man by his squadron, who nicknamed him Lucky for his ability to evade death. The hole here measured eight inches in diameter in an 11-inch propeller. If the damage had been an inch and a half over on either side, the blade would have severed and Wright would have been brought down.
Wright died, aged 34, from lung cancer.


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    I bet that Jug was shakin' big time on that particular ride home.

  2. bob boomer 16 May 2016 Reply

    Those natzies throwing the kitchen sink when you hit the deck

  3. Donn Jones 16 May 2016 Reply

    Just proves what it takes to stop a jug

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    An 11in prop?

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