One of the greatest jets to ever fly the skys

15 Sep 2013 admin In G+ Posts

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  1. Loz Keeley 15 Sep 2013 Reply

    The F16, A10 & AH-64 are my all time favourite aircraft.

  2. Brent Burzycki 15 Sep 2013 Reply

    It has always been pretty…. Now with the new jets.. Thou cool and capable angular looks are just not as sexy..

  3. Kevin Gault 15 Sep 2013 Reply

    I'm a fan of the F-16, F-14 and F-15, but I love the F-22. The stleath bombers and fighters definitely had a unique look.

  4. Mike Thompson 15 Sep 2013 Reply

    I've always been a fan of the F-14. Although working on F-18 HUDs was fun.

  5. Clark Speedy 16 Sep 2013 Reply

    Here in Iowa, they took them away. The Air National Guard base will now have something to do with drones.

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