Ok this is more prep than I see myself doing – but I assume that because I do not…

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Ok this is more prep than I see myself doing – but I assume that because I do not take photos full time.. if I did I would do it like this and get those once in a lifetime shots… the least I can do is reshare it…


A Colorado based photographer – Maybe +Colby Brown knows her?

Reshared post from +Yonatan Zunger

This is an amazing photo. One of those that looks like it couldn't possibly be real.

(Has it ever occurred to you how spectacularly fortunate we are to live on a planet which can have total eclipses? It requires that the apparent size of the Moon and the apparent size of the Sun match to within a few percent, so that the Moon can hide the body of the Sun and reveal its corona alone. The coincidence required is so extraordinary that I doubt that one planet out of a thousand has it. Even if planets are commonplace, this is rare and beautiful. If there are aliens travelling our cosmos, then a solar eclipse may be the best place to find them: it's something you might come a long way to see. « Ça vaut le voyage, » as the Michelin guide says.)

h/t +Ahmed Amer.

Surrounded by the sun: Stunning image shows boy watching solar eclipse… taken from 1.5 miles away
Photographer Colleen Pinski travelled hundreds of miles from her home in Colorado, Denver, to Albuquerque, New Mexico to get into the perfect position to snap the amazing natural phenomenon.

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  1. Just think about the odds of all of these celestial forms lining up for the photo – just mind boggling.

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