Ok this a an insane refueling potential midair collision

20 Oct 2012 admin In G+ Posts

Reshared post from +Dale Jackson

Refueling gone wrong. Pilot of the AWACS looks like it was an over correction during refueling. It seemed the AWACS pilot was having a hard time keeping centered, and they are in a banking turn (very common for refueling). Fortunately there was no hit, though, I'm sure the boom assembly was thoroughly looked over upon landing. and the boomer yanked the boom back. Just shows how dangerous the routine really is. These should be anything but routine – air to air refueling is dangerous. I remember watching a refueling with an AWACS when I was on board (served as a crew chief) – It's one of my art pieces: http://fineartamerica.com/featured/2-awacs-up-for-a-drink-dale-jackson.html I remember we had a hit on the ruddervators by an F-15 that extended it's speed brake and hit the boom. We had to fly our 135 back from Saudi without a operable refueling boom – one tanker out of action.

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