Ok so answer me as to why Xbox and Playstation etc do not allow adult themed games?…

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Ok so answer me as to why Xbox and Playstation etc do not allow adult themed games? And if they did would that not increase sales greatly?

Below is the Catwomen from Arkem Asylum – that is adult, ad my new girlfriend by the way, but with the advent of virtual reality setups etc.. when do you think we will see Adult only gaming.. 

What are you thoughts about adult games, as in games that involve nudity etc. Clearly there is a marketplace for them, but why do the console manufacturers frown upon them and or ban them from their devices?


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  1. Jesko Zabel 14 Dec 2013 Reply

    congrats on your new girlie !

  2. Stuart Dyckhoff 14 Dec 2013 Reply

    I guess it's primarily because they want to appeal to all ages but then they allow any number of games that are about killing fellow human characters in graphic glory. Adult games wouldn't be my thing but until your post I hadn't realised they were banned.

  3. Yas Mean 14 Dec 2013 Reply

    I thought it was already out there and if they won't release it steam will

  4. Lena Björndahl 14 Dec 2013 Reply

    Maybe adults play the games irl… 🙂
    Is that a real persons body or a drawing.., I must say that I really would love to have an ass like that, haha! 

  5. Brent Burzycki 14 Dec 2013 Reply

    +Lena Björndahl who does not… I am not sure how on earth you paint on those pants thou…

  6. Brent Burzycki 14 Dec 2013 Reply

    I find it interesting that you need to be 18 to buy call of duty where you can kill people… Kill people online… Blow up whatever… Or just about do anything…

    But if you are single and have no time to date you cannot use your investment to do non violent adult themed things in the comfort of your own home….

    And who knows what interesting things could be thought up with kinect…..

    I assume the first company to do it would be banned the world over by every goodie goodie out there for destroying our kids etc… But Umm kids should not be playing most of these games anyway….

    So what is the real difference?

  7. Lena Björndahl 15 Dec 2013 Reply

    With that ass I would not mind doing some painting… haha!

  8. Kamal Tailor 15 Dec 2013 Reply

    In Japan there are a whole bunch of adult themed games, but only for the Japanese Market.

  9. Nathan V 15 Dec 2013 Reply

    By "adult themed games", I assume you mean explicitly sexual games? If so, then there's a number of reasons.

  10. Warren Searle 15 Dec 2013 Reply

    I think there is a huge place for adult themed games but perhaps not computer games, as most things like this may land up going a little further, it may be nice to play it with your partner. As for adults only games, i think there are plenty of those already available but unfortunately they land in young kids hands and they land up desensitizing them to thinking its ok to go running around with semi auto matic guns shooting people. Mix that with some retilin and you have the recipe for destruction.

  11. Brent Burzycki 15 Dec 2013 Reply

    Let's here them +Nathan V

  12. Nick Young-Soares 15 Dec 2013 Reply

    I think it's coming. But look at how much blow back they got for years about violent video games. Those soccer mom groups have just about shut up about violent games now, but can you imagine if they started having realist nudity and sex in games on a console. The moms would go nuts.

    That said are the sex games on Steam even? I was going to say you could always get a Steam box soon.

  13. Warren Searle 15 Dec 2013 Reply

    I would say alot of those 'soccer moms' would be buying them secretly and blowing them off in front of the rest of their soccer group. something to sit and talk crap about while they watch the kids kick a piece of leather filled with air about.

  14. Brent Burzycki 15 Dec 2013 Reply

    I guess there is then the question of production quality… And in turn sales that would increase quality….

    I personally think increase in games like this would actually lead to reduced crime and a possibly less angry society.. But what do I know..

  15. Brent Burzycki 15 Dec 2013 Reply

    +Warren Searle I think many that complain about things like this… When not in public do all kinds of things others would question just like they do…

  16. Warren Searle 15 Dec 2013 Reply

    INdeed they do. As do most of society. We all wear a face in public and as we shed our coats when we arrive home, so do we shed our faces. Take a look at your nearest Catholic Priest for further news on that one.

  17. Frederick Bond 15 Dec 2013 Reply

    great picture have no problem with adult games at all if done in good taste and well done!

  18. Nathan V 15 Dec 2013 Reply

    Well, first, there's a cultural stigma of sex. It's considered "inappropriate"; for some reason, even more so than comparatively graphic violence. I don't understand it, but that's how our culture is.

    Another reason is that, at least in the west, most sexually explicit video games have little value outside of being sexually explicit. The gameplay and stories tend to be, at best, rather bland. This doesn't seem to be as bad in Japan, where eroge seem to be taken more seriously by the developers.

  19. Brent Burzycki 15 Dec 2013 Reply

    I tend to think of porn as a way to vent frustration, frustration that could easily be taken out on others or themselves in many other ways..

    I equate it to making marijuana legal.. yes its a drug, but people do not murder people or tear out there own heart on pot… they do get the munchies and hang out in vans…

    porn, adult content etc as long as its not breaking decency laws and is played above the board is a way for most of our society not to kill eachother…

  20. Josline N'egueda 15 Dec 2013 Reply


  21. Jon Decker 15 Dec 2013 Reply

    Lol. Hilarious. Two reasons: 1. Wal-Mart is the number 1 purchase point for console games and they have strict sexual content restrictions; 2. Game producers spend a lot of time on their games and rarely want their entire career to be known for porn. Even the J-games don't post the programmer's real name.

  22. Jon Decker 15 Dec 2013 Reply

    That said, there is talk of a VRSim for the occulous rift. Perhaps it's time to man up and build your own gaming pc.

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