Oh Man – who remembers DEMOS

28 Sep 2012 admin In G+ Posts
Sweet Jesus I just had a flash back of mass proportions…..

Reshared post from +Dan Morrill

Second Reality came up in conversation today. I remember watching this thing back in 1994, shortly after it was released. At that time I had a 486DX — yes that's right with integrated math coprocessor bitches. One of my friends asked "How does Second Reality run on this thing?" and I was like "What's Second Reality?"

So he busted out a copy, and my mind was blown. It'll be 20 years next year, I guess. Holy christ, I'm old.

Second Reality by Future Crew (PC Demo)

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  1. I loved that demo, especially the music. The whole thing was absolutely brilliant and it rightly won the demo competition at Assembly '93, even though Future Crew organised that event.

  2. KC Budd 28 Sep 2012 Reply

    +Jason Scott

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