Now this in interesting for fellow motorcyclists.. *Helmet with heads up display, rear view, integrated BT and NAV

04 Dec 2013 admin In G+ Posts

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  1. Steve Hyde 4 Dec 2013 Reply

    the rear view is a good idea
    but could make people lazy about doing thier 'life saver' check
    also seems a little distracting
    Screen should be a full hud rather than needing to check a small screen bottom right
    looking down on a bike is no good

  2. Ken Ivey 4 Dec 2013 Reply

    This just might be cool enough to encourage helmet use in no-helmet law states!

  3. Jon Decker 4 Dec 2013 Reply

    It's like Google glass without looking like a total tool – nice. It needs video capture so you can provide me with more hilarious youtube videos of close calls and strange traffic incidents. 😉

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