Nothing like the need for people to not accept change and go with it

16 May 2013 admin In G+ Posts

but to instantly want to go backward because they are uncomfortable..
Stuff does not get created or pushed forward without being a bit uncomfortable..

If you are not following +Mike Elgan he is worth a look – especially if you want a source for what is going on here on G+ – but also for his articles and opinions…

Reshared post from +Mike Elgan

Don't like the new multi-column view? Switch to single column!

If you don't like Google+ coming at you in two or three columns, you can easily switch to a single-column view. 

Go to your "Home" stream, click "More" and find at bottom the "Stream Layout" toggle. 

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  1. Lennart Östman 16 May 2013 Reply

    That's a truth right there! We'll always have the discomfort of lifting the other foot when moving forward!

  2. Josue Torres 16 May 2013 Reply

    not working

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