North Island

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Some very cool and spooky Airplane Graveyard photos from +Amy Heiden

Originally shared by +Amy Heiden

North Island
Full moon night. 240 seconds. f/10. ISO 200

Earlier this year, I took a night photography workshop in Arizona taught by Mike Hows ( and Joe Reed (

It was a really great time hanging out in this airplane boneyard catching up with old friends. If you’re looking to do a night photography workshop I’d strongly encourage you to check out one of theirs. They get access to rad locations and have a great laid back and “hands on” teaching style.



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  1. Nigel Arnold 20 Jun 2015 Reply

    Business and bindings airways 2015

  2. Amy Heiden 20 Jun 2015 Reply

    Thank you for the share!

  3. Nigel Arnold 20 Jun 2015 Reply

    Your welcome

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