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Google+ Photos: edit your previous edits, and Auto Awesome Effects

If you’re afraid of commitment, then you probably don’t edit your photos online 🙂 Reason being: many services overwrite (aka “destroy”) your images during the editing process. So once you save a change, you can’t change your mind.

In contrast: Google+ Photos offers non-destructive editing on Android, iOS and Chrome, and it syncs your edits to the cloud. So you can start editing on one device, continue on another, and your originals are always available. Today we’re making the Chrome experience even more flexible by letting you go back and adjust your previous edits. (Commitment-phobes rejoice!) For example:

– Suppose you want to re-crop a photo but leave the other effects alone. Or keep your choice of frames, but turn up the brightness and contrast.
– Now you can, and you don’t have to start from scratch. Just open your photo in the Chrome editor, click on “Edits,” and you’ll be able to adjust the edits you’ve already made.
– When you settle on a look you really like, you can also copy those edits and apply them to another photo.

Even if you don’t have time to edit your images, we can still help your photos look their best. Take Auto Awesome, for instance: when you back up your photos and videos to Google+, we can gift you fun new versions automatically. These creations range from animated GIFs to professional-quality movies, and today we’re adding a new flavor: Auto Awesome Effects.

Now when you upload a land or cityscape photo, Effects can stylize your image to make the subject really pop. You can enjoy the new photo as is, or open the editor to make further adjustments. Either way it’s easy (and fun!).

Both updates are rolling out today, so take some pictures, try some edits, and let us know what you think.

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