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Reshared post from +Dave Besbris

This is a picture of some of the people who built Google+, but they are not the ones who make it. Those of you reading this do. And I want to thank you all for spending time with us and making this place your own. We've got a lot of exciting things planned for the future and it's been a blast hanging out with you for the last three years.  

Whether you’re into star gazing, boy bands, or football: you’ve all made Google+ an amazing place to explore the things you love, with the people who love them too. To celebrate our community, create a post and tell us: who are your people on Plus?

Here are mine:

+Michael B. Stuart, +Robin Griggs Wood, and +Wesly Smith. These are some of my many people on Plus.

Three years ago today we started the Google+ project. Back then I took the occasional smartphone photo, but that was about it. It was folks like Michael, Robin and Wesly who inspired me to be creative with my pictures. And because of their encouraging +1s, tips, and inspirational #bokehlicious  pictures, photography has gone from just a casual interest to my new favorite pastime. I've even been introduced as "that guy who takes pretty pictures of flowers!" 

#plus3 #findyourpeople

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  1. Graciela Quiroga 28 Jun 2014 Reply

    gracias G+

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