New Google+ mobile app for android is quite a good update

25 May 2012 admin In G+ Posts

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  1. Trevor Carpenter 25 May 2012 Reply

    Updated yesterday. I like it on a tablet screen. I hate it on my phone. The balance of content is off, for me, on a phone's screen.

  2. Mark Bienvenu 25 May 2012 Reply

    iPhone was a week or 2 ago. Android was yesterday. I like the update, but my stream is very image oriented.

  3. Melissa Beagle 25 May 2012 Reply

    It just updated for me this am. I'm liking it.

  4. Stanley Nakis 25 May 2012 Reply

    Please confirm that u too can't +1 comments on posts…???because i can't

  5. Trevor Carpenter 25 May 2012 Reply

    No Stanley, you CAN +1 comments on posts.

  6. Stanley Nakis 25 May 2012 Reply

    oh yeah u are right but earlier there was a post that hadn't any +1 on the right

  7. Brent Burzycki 25 May 2012 Reply

    I will say it takes a minute or two to reorient yourself with the moved options.. and it is very image oriented… Have to give it a few more days and see how the changes sink in….

  8. Saleh Al Belushi 25 May 2012 Reply

    Yeah it seems nice

  9. Mario Aguila 25 May 2012 Reply

    Not for me: I agree with these comments

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