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  1. F4 Phantom

  2. osman damgacı 6 Aug 2015 Reply

    Very nice RF-4E Phontom…:)

  3. McDonnell Douglas RF-4B Phantom IIs?

  4. Beautiful beast. My favorite is F18.

  5. +Roberto Radaelli my fav is the f14

  6. Brent Burzycki 6 Aug 2015 Reply

    Yes… This aircraft is just a brute…. And pretty…

  7. Cedric taylor 6 Aug 2015 Reply

    Rf-4e phantoms best all around fighter – bomber

  8. Michael Marek 6 Aug 2015 Reply

    The German Armed Forces and the Air Force called the F4 Phantom the "flying barn door" – not an optimal aerodynamic drag, but powerful enough turbines to bring it forward.

  9. I called them Rhinos when we had the RF-4C and F-4G's at Gowen Field. That's what their profile reminds me of.

  10. saeed d barati 6 Aug 2015 Reply

    The beast RF In the world

  11. Oooooo. So awesome

  12. David Cheng 6 Aug 2015 Reply


  13. Francois H. 6 Aug 2015 Reply

    F4 Phantom

  14. tom schuring 6 Aug 2015 Reply

    Fuel to noise converters.

  15. matt lehner 6 Aug 2015 Reply

    Top one's Bert and the bottom one's Ernie.

  16. Patrick Lemkuil 6 Aug 2015 Reply

    F111 Aardvark

  17. Donald Garrison 6 Aug 2015 Reply

    RF-4c Phatom

  18. Donald Garrison 6 Aug 2015 Reply

    Recon fighter bomber.

  19. Dan Rundell 6 Aug 2015 Reply

    F-4 phantom

  20. Milton Simas 6 Aug 2015 Reply

    Vou te falar. O Phantom nessa cor fica lindo !

  21. Jean Denis Morin 6 Aug 2015 Reply

    A right rear view of two RF-4C Phantom II aircraft of Marine Photo Reconnaissance Squadron Three (VMFP-3) over the Marine Corps Air Station during a training mission. Location: MARINE CORPS AIR STATION EL TORO, CALIFORNIA (CA) UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)

  22. Go get'em devil dogs

  23. Jean Denis Morin 7 Aug 2015 Reply

    Yes Sir ! 😉

  24. Aditya Singh 7 Aug 2015 Reply

    An F-4 Phantom

  25. F4 Phantoms are proof that with enough horsepower and thrust, you can overcome all obstacles.

  26. Ben Sellars 8 Aug 2015 Reply

    I first thought they were F-4J but apparently they are RF-4C versions which explains the bulge under the nose.

  27. Zack Harris 8 Aug 2015 Reply


  28. Keir Parsons 8 Aug 2015 Reply

    British phantoms were much better.

  29. Nurbanu Hanzade 15 Aug 2015 Reply

    Uçaklar hârika görünüyor, renkler çok güzel, hayat gibi,,.. hayatta kanatlarınızdan tutup bırakıyor Sizi bir yerlere, Siz oradan kaçmak istedikçe,.. Eylülde Ankaradayım, tedavi süresinde bir sene boyunca.. Uçaklar gibi keskin çizgiler çiziyor hayat insana..

  30. alvin miles 21 Aug 2015 Reply

    That was one of my sister f4s out of Mag 11. I was Grey Ghost next to Death Rattlers, who was next to Black Knights. We all put fear into the air she those J79s roar with mock speed, 3362 gal of fuel, side winders, heat seekers, flares and chaff. Uoo Raa.

  31. Pauli Matikainen 1 Feb 2016 Reply

    Nice phantoms

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