My new way to deal with traffic….

09 Aug 2013 admin In G+ Posts

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  1. Tom Guyatt 9 Aug 2013 Reply

    That's epic.

  2. David Glandon 9 Aug 2013 Reply

    If I saw that behind me I think I would pull over so they could move on. 

  3. Matt Hartley 9 Aug 2013 Reply

    $20 says the rider of this bike doesn't get cut off in traffic too often. lol

  4. Warren Searle 9 Aug 2013 Reply


  5. Bill Nadraszky 9 Aug 2013 Reply

    My bad attitude about traffic is the reason I am not allowed by my wie to have a motorcycle or a gun.

    Really though, this made me laugh!

  6. Allen St. John 9 Aug 2013 Reply

    can I get it in a nerf version?

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