+michael interbartolo Have you seen this? I was actually half impressed with it…

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  1. I saw the trailer, unfortunately I only speak English and the subtitles were as fast as the action… I missed a lot of the dialog…..

  2. Brent Burzycki 2 Jun 2014 Reply

    It's actually pretty good… I believe the version on Amazon was dubbed…

  3. Olav Folland 2 Jun 2014 Reply

    I watched the original, but I haven't even heard of this 😛

  4. Brent Burzycki 2 Jun 2014 Reply

    It's on Amazon for 7 day rent I believe it was… I likes the star Blazers series… And I have to say the main gun firing on this ship is quite awesome..

  5. Olav Folland 2 Jun 2014 Reply

    I'll have to see if anyone (Kat) will watch it with me 😛

  6. George Greene 2 Jun 2014 Reply

    I seen it and thought it was great .. A Different point of view of the story but it is cool.
    They going to make another i been told..
    the new Anime  is great too much more of the story in that too.

  7. Brent Burzycki 2 Jun 2014 Reply

    +George Greene new anime?

  8. Darren Krusi 2 Jun 2014 Reply

    I've read and am in the process of watching Arpeggio of Blue Steel another battleship type Anime/Manga and it is a lot of fun! I think I will have to add this one to the watch list

  9. George Greene 2 Jun 2014 Reply

    +Brent Burzycki
    The Space.Battleship Yamato.2199 that came out in part on TV and in the Theaters. should be coming to the US soon  under Space.Battleship.Yamato.2199 and they saying it could be coming as Starblazers as well more info here http://www.ourstarblazers.com/
    I like the Yamato.2199 that Updated the story and the animation as well  ans still kept the heart. (if having looked have pictures of the models kits  here in photo albums)   They just did new 1/500 model i want badly .

  10. Tom Gehrke 2 Jun 2014 Reply

    I watched it subtitled last year and it's amazing given the budget. I bought the soundtrack as well.

  11. I watched the bootleg YouTube version a while back. It was pretty good.

  12. Brent Burzycki 2 Jun 2014 Reply

    Thanks +George Greene

  13. Thomas Jefferson 2 Jun 2014 Reply

    It looks like a shark

  14. Edward Bartel 3 Jun 2014 Reply

    I grew up on Star Blazers – I think I could still sing the theme song!

  15. George Greene 3 Jun 2014 Reply

    +Edward Bartel
     It stays with you.. Being part of the people grew up early anime and started going to Convention in 1980 i got to see the classic in both English and Japanese.. And No Subs . I got learn about the classic full version not just the US version. From there i got to work major cons that change Anime Fandom . IT was great and I wouldn't change a thing. I met great people some now gone . Both in the US and Japan.

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