Man the truth has never been this clear….

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  1. steve daily 10 Jun 2012 Reply

    not silly…truth…

    I run from math word problems my daughter brought home last year (6th grade)–how am I going to get through her next 5 years or so…and her younger brother's (entering grade 5)? 

    Lord, have mercy…

  2. steve daily 10 Jun 2012 Reply

    because "I read it on the internet, so it must be true." ?  (LOL…I joke)

    Would work but some of these I just look at and say WTF…if you don't even know where to start you're kinda stuck…

    I told the teacher last year she should have 1 night a month for parents to call or come in for help…It's been way too long for me to even remember…plus, I don't think we had 0 back when I was learning math…

  3. LA Kristopher 10 Jun 2012 Reply

    Math came easy for me, so I was lucky.

    Logic is key to solving word problems.

  4. Glen Schlueter 10 Jun 2012 Reply

    I thought it was 5 as there are no bones in ice cream!!

  5. Gary Myers 10 Jun 2012 Reply

    Fortunately my kids are doing fine at maths. But regarding homework one teacher did say that parents shouldn't be interfering because that can mean the teacher is mislead into thinking the student is ready to move forward.

  6. Bill Moisuk 11 Jun 2012 Reply

    Feel sorry for these people…

  7. steve daily 11 Jun 2012 Reply

    Gary…I would hope this teacher was joking.  Having two children with learning disabilities and that thinking would keep my kids out of any 'normal' school and so far their teachers have encouraged on interaction.

  8. Stuart Ponder 13 Jun 2012 Reply

    The answer is B) Cowtown is a dump.

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