Lightroom 4 Users?

17 Mar 2012 admin In G+ Posts

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  1. Kevin Montano 17 Mar 2012 Reply

    I heard about this error shortly after the release of Lightroom 4. Can't say why its caused or how to fix it though.

  2. Ricardo Williams 17 Mar 2012 Reply

    I get it… it's inevitable…. all you can do is download the alpha version of camera raw 6.7…… you will keep getting the message but when you select "open anyway" it will open it anyway … with the adjustments you made. If not you have to select Render using lightroom and it will do pretty much the same thing …

    I am not sure when Camera Raw 7 will be out 🙁

  3. J. Scotty 17 Mar 2012 Reply

    Yep, same here… i just bypass it… never noticed the "Don't show again" checkbox… I'll be sure to check it next time

  4. Suzanne Haggerty 17 Mar 2012 Reply

    +Jan Kabili helped me out with this. You can/should get 6.7 from Adobe.labs After you download it, you will still get this msg – but just enter Open Anyway. 6.7 will do everything you need.

  5. Brent Burzycki 17 Mar 2012 Reply

    That is just strange…. I am sort of amazed I have not heard of others asking what is going on……

  6. Ki Rin 17 Mar 2012 Reply

    I get this too, but I had just assumed it was a beta thing..

  7. Dirk Heindoerfer 17 Mar 2012 Reply

    Nothing missing. Thats where we are right now. You still need to clivk Open anyway, then it opens in PS with 90% correct rendering in PS. But it does NOT open Camera Raw. It just uses the CR engine to render it.

  8. Ricardo Williams 17 Mar 2012 Reply

    I want Camera Raw 7…. is that flipping simple…..

  9. Sam Fifer 17 Mar 2012 Reply

    A lesson I learned long ago… Never buy software when it is first released, wait a few months.

  10. Bassam Bandak 18 Mar 2012 Reply

    +Sam Fifer I get the same error in LR3 too!

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